You are currently viewing Episode 116: Learning to Grow Through Radical Unattachment with Laura and Amber

Think back 5 or 10 years, did you know what your life would look like then? Could you imagine who you would be working with, or the projects you have completed? What about where you live?

As a high achieving woman, you will have done your utmost to succeed in every situation you faced. You will have studied what worked for others, you will have practised your pitches, you’ll have made sure you were walking into the right rooms. But you can’t control every variable and I bet there have been some surprises along the way. 

Perhaps there was that contract that appeared out of nowhere. And then there was the time you found yourself in a conversation you never expected, which led to something else amazing.

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the last year is about the power of radical detachment and I learned it from Laura Wright and Amber Annette. They are the Sould Sisters, and they’re my guests on the podcast this week. Laura and Amber work with the conscious, ambitious business owner who is actively taking her 6-figure service-based empire to 7 figures (and beyond)… and is here to live a freakin’ incredible life while doing it.

Both Laura and Amber have been on the show before but separately, Laura in Episode 38 and Amber in Episode 78, so you’ll recognise their voices. 

We talk about:

  • Knowing what you want but not being stuck on how that’s going to come about
  • Showing up in different ways and how that takes the pressure off yourself
  • Documenting your desires and energy through journaling
  • Curiosity and being open to possibilities
  • Aligning yourself to your energy in different phases of the month