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Are you controlling your business

or is your business controlling you?

Does this describe you…?

You've been in business for a while and things are really taking off
So much so, you're feeling overwhelmed
You have been working at 200% capacity for such a long time that you can't take a holiday or enjoy a proper day off
Your business sets the agenda and life outside work comes in second place

It might not feel like it, but this is good news BECAUSE IT MEANS

your business is ready to grow!

I’m a business coach and I work with small business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level.

Instead of feeling like you are out there on your own, I can help you feel like ‘the boss’ again!

Together we can

Create boundaries in your business
Make space for life outside work
Bring your business back under control
Christina Brauer
Digital Marketing Consultant, PPC Expert

"I liked Jessica’s no-nonsense attitude from the start. The fact that she has a solid business background and had grown consultancies similar to mine in the past were a real asset, her skills and experience were exactly what I needed. Because Jessica is a ‘real’ business coach who knows a lot about business, we were able to put the infrastructure in place in my business that I need in order to run it in a sustainable way and grow it beyond my wildest dreams!"

Jessica Fearnley


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