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Do you feel like you are constantly ‘digging deep’ to get through your working week?

You have a thriving 6 figure consulting business, but over time you have felt more and more sluggish and unfulfilled. 

It doesn’t make sense – this is the business you have always wanted.

But you often feel like you have to become someone else in order to make it work.

And more than that, you want to grow your business team, but you have no idea who to hire. And it’s overwhelming.

Grow Your Consulting Business By Understanding Your Path of Least Resistance...

So often we look to grow our consulting business by working harder or going outside of our comfort zone.

Putting in longer hours.

Signing more clients.

And wondering why we feel so burned out in the process!

We know we should be looking to ‘work smarter not harder’, but we don’t always know where to start.

And that’s where the Wealth Dynamics profile test makes all the difference.

“Before speaking to Jessica, I was feeling overwhelmed at the thought of hiring a team to support me with growing my business. Running all aspects or the business has been wearing me out as well as creating a bottleneck. Following my session with Jessica I have a stronger vision of how my team will be set up, as well as a lot less guilt about the parts of my business that I neglect or procrastinate over. Jessica taught me the importance of working within my strengths, and that it’s okay to have areas we’re not so good at, and that we can build a team to bolster those weaker areas. A transformational session!”

Swim School Consultant &
Owner, A Little Bird Company

When understood and used effectively, Wealth Dynamics can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to bring clarity and direction to your entrepreneurial journey.

Find your flow, reclaim your time

When you understand your profile, you can reorganise your time to focus on what you love most and do best. You can know what to say no to. When you do this, your fulfilment and effectiveness goes up, and your stress and struggle go down. That's what happens when you find your flow.

Clarify your natural path

Your profile is not a box to get stuck in, but a path to follow and a game to play. Each of the eight profiles have different playgrounds and different rules to the game. By knowing your natural path, you can know what role models to follow, what advice to take, and what advice to ignore.

Grow a high performing team

Each of the eight profiles attracts, builds and leads a team in a different way. Having a high performing team is the key to scaling your business. Building the right team, with the right people in the right place begins by using Wealth Dynamics to know yourself, and then to know your team.

Accelerate your financial success

At the heart of Wealth Dynamics is the wealth equation: Understanding how flow is created through value and leverage. Once you know how to create value and leverage it in your natural way, you can control not just the flow of time, but the flow of money, accelerating your financial success.

Achieve your true potential

How much do you currently believe you are currently achieving your true potential? Most of us are only achieving a fraction of what we are capable of. Using the entire system of Wealth Dynamics allows us to leverage our own value far more effectively, to make the difference we can in the world.

“I’ve done several profiling tests during my career, but Wealth Dynamics is the first that focuses on Entrepreneurs. The results were illuminating. The profiles were bang on, and in hindsight, explained a lot of my career choices. Reviewing the results in an intensive coaching session with Jessica provided actionable insights on applying my profiles and wealth frequencies to hire the right people. The test & coaching have given me the confidence to move forward with my business growth plan – I highly recommend this exercise for other entrepreneurs.”

Catherine Hamilton
Marketing Catalyst & Fractional CMO

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