Are you ready to

Work less and earn more?

Private coaching is for ambitious B2B consultants who know they are destined for bigger things and are ready to put the work in to achieve their goals!

Together we will break through the ceiling you unconsciously set for yourself so that you can get your business to the next big milestone – with a healthy profit margin to match.

You know your business has real potential

but you don’t know how to get to the next level.

You have lots of ideas for how to grow your business, but you don’t know what to do first or how to make meaningful progress.

There’s never enough time to sit down and properly plan out your strategy, because you’re so busy putting out fires in the day-to-day running of your business.

Instead you’re feeling overwhelmed and flitting from one idea to the next without achieving the results you’re looking for.

It's so frustrating!

What you need is someone who can help you up-level your business, build capacity and make your business a place you love to be again.

And that's where I come in.

“Sometimes, the hardest thing about running my own business is bouncing my ideas around in my own head and not getting traction I need. I reached out to Jessica when I was nearly ready to throw in the towel on my work. She helped me to see my own genius, and she helped to renew my excitement for my work. She also helped me to see how to create a new service, so I could stop unintentionally missing out on revenues and exciting work. Jessica’s got quick insights and actionable steps that really help!”

Executive Coach + Leadership Consultant

Your Journey to Seven Figures


We will focus on re-evaluating your business model and the streams of income into your business. 


To build a strong company you need to understand how your business works and the infrastructure you need behind the scenes to get results.


Every business needs a strong leader, so we’ll evaluate your vision and mindset to make sure that you aren’t the biggest problem in your business.


It’s not enough to have one good year, or even a couple of good years. You need to demonstrate consistent growth and we’ll create a plan to ensure everything adds up just the way it needs to.


We’ll recession-proof your business by identifying the risks in your business. No one wants to find themselves at the wrong end of an economic downturn so we’ll create a business that bounces back.


A high-turnover company that doesn’t generate profit is not the goal here. Healthy profit generation has to be written into the DNA of your business as it grows, so we’ll make sure the house always wins (that’s you by the way) 

“Coaching with Jessica is the single best investment I made in my business. I know A LOT of coaches. But many are still promoting some kind of hustle and grind strategy that focuses on force. I know I don’t want that. 

Working with Jessica has helped me define strategies that work for me, that I’m excited about, that produce results. Her real-time feedback has made it easier to make big decisions quickly that support the business and life I want to build and the way I want to build it. 

Problems I’ve struggled with for years are things I now feel excited and confident about. The right kind of coaching, and the right kind of coach, can help you see the world in a different way and unleash options and opportunities you literally could not see before. That’s what Jessica has done for me and it’s been wildly valuable.”

Alecia Huck
Maverick & Company

Who is Jessica?

I’m Jessica Fearnley, and I’m THE business coach for women B2B consultants who are ready to take their consulting business to the next level.

I’m a business coach and consultant based in the UK, and I work with ambitious consultants like you.

I’ve helped build up a 7-figure consultancy business in the last 8 years, so I know what it means to set goals, make plans and work hard to execute them!

And my background in project management and business development means that your business is in safe hands.

I specialise in helping businesses that feel ‘out of control’ to operate in a more controlled way again, and giving you back that sense of balance between your business and your life outside work.

When I’m not working, I try to practise what I preach and spend some time away from my devices! I love going for long walks with my husband and two young sons, catching up with friends, and growing flowers, fruit and vegetables in my garden.

“After listening to Jessica’s podcast I knew that she was exactly the kind of coach I wanted to work with. She supported me with a mix of tough love and savvy business advice, but just as much with compassion and sensitivity around my fears, blocks and wellbeing whilst working hard towards my goals. In the time that I’ve been working with Jessica I have boosted my income significantly. I definitely feel like I’ve reached the next level in ‘business-hood’!”

Kate Horwood
Corporate Wellbeing Consultant

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I offer intensives, private coaching and a range of group programmes depending on the stage you’re at in your business.

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