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Why Is Seven Figures Such A Line in the Sand For Women Consultants?

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Many of the women who listen to my Seven Figure Business podcast, don’t yet make six figures.

Some are at the early stages of their business.

Some are reaching a 250K, 500K, 750K, or 900K turnover. 

The Seven Figures doesn’t refer to what you’re making now – it’s the dream you have for your consultancy business.

My content often calls out that Booked Up and Burned Out phase. When your business moves fast but you’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated. You used to feel like you knew exactly what you were doing but your unscaled business model has driven you straight into a dead end, and now you’re stuck.

Depending on what you’re charging, you can hit that ‘burned out’ phase before you reach 100k. Many hit that point between 100k and 500k.

But it’s not like you can only get help with your business if you’ve already been struggling with that booked up burned out feeling for some time.

Obviously it’s better to grow your business WITHOUT getting stuck in that phase.

So if most of the listeners are working towards, or in the middle, of a six-figure turnover, why is the podcast about a Seven Figure business?

Because there are so many things that can affect our mindset in the area of business and money, and talking about a business with a turnover more than 1 million each year can open up all kinds of related issues around identity, what we feel able to receive, what we feel we ‘deserve’, what we have grown up believing we are capable of achieving.

It can be a real hot mess of different mindset issues, which I explore in this podcast episode including:

  • Why I’ve chosen to make ‘seven figures’ the focus of this podcast, rather than six or eight 
  • How to set your own criteria for success
  • The surprising way many consultants feel after hitting their target financial milestones
  • The risks of scaling a chaotic or unprofitable business
  • Why business success often doesn’t look or feel how you’d imagined.

🎧  Head here to listen to this episode in full – Episode 035 Busting Myths About Seven Figure Consulting Businesses

And tell me – are you booked up and heading for burn out? Been there, done that, got the t-shirt? Heading that way unless you change something quick? Or maybe you’ve consciously created a more balanced business…?

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