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When Your Audience And Your Income Don’t Match Up

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I speak to women all the time who have been investing in building their audience and their professional network for a considerable period of time, and they are known widely as the expert or go to person in their field. 

But they are still barely covering their costs in the business. Or paying their team members more than they pay themselves. Does this resonate with you?

You’re stuck in resentment because you’re serving this huge audience but you, the shoemaker, are going barefoot, and it becomes a negative cycle of resentment and negative emotions and aspirations.

The classic entrepreneur business model is to have a standard product or course that you mass market to a huge audience. This is volume sales.

But you want your business to be built around VALUE, not volume. 

There’s a 4 stage framework that represents your business and the services you offer.

Stage 1 represents low-cost services to small clients or entry-level clients.

Stage 4 represents a high-touch, high value service to CEOs and organisation leaders.

If you have a big audience and you’re not making the money you want to be, I can guarantee it’s because you are spending too much time at the Stage 1-2 end of this framework and you are actually capable of the Stage 4 work.

In this episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I am discussing when your audience and your income don’t match up. 

I talk about:

●     Being known as an expert but that not translating into income

●     Feeling powerless about your situation

●     Assessing your business model

●     Taking action to turn your business around

●     Feeling energised about your business

🎧 Head here to listen to this episode in full 065 When your audience and your income don’t match up.

And let me know, is your business offering low-cost services or high-touch, high value services?

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