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How Women Consultants Can Safeguard Their Business From The Impact Of Coronavirus

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Over the coming weeks and months, the success of your consulting business will depend on your ability to master your mindset.

Your ability to see the opportunities.

Your ability to avoid getting sucked into the media-fuelled spiral of despair.

Have you ever noticed – we see what we expect to see.

And then we expect to see more of it.

So we do see more of it.

And then we expect it more.

I got stuck in that loop a few days ago.

I’ve felt quite calm over the past weeks, even as the coronavirus has spread and caused massive uncertainty for so many of us.

I don’t like seeing the media whip everyone up into a frenzy, leaving the facts behind.

So I was managing to stay a little distant from the mayhem and fairly calm.

But a few days ago I felt a bit of that panic too.

Not about my own business, because I’ve already done my scenario planning and actually everything is remarkably stable.

It was to do with things in my personal life.

Family members refusing to stay at home.

Friends worried and scared at everything going on. 

I had mapped out how I wanted to spend the morning but my phone was going off constantly, and I was feeling frazzled. 

And here’s the thing I noticed – because I was feeling like that, I kept opening my news app and scouring the headlines. I opened articles that fed that feeling.

And as soon as I realised I was doing this, I knew I needed to stop this cycle and get my mindset back to where it needs to be. 

I realised I wasn’t going to get my content created while I felt so restless, so I went for a walk, ate lunch – and really made the effort to eat healthily with enough protein and extra salad – and then sat down with my journal and got it all out of my brain. 

And it was really helpful to unpick what was causing it all because so often when we have that feeling of overwhelm, we attribute it to the wrong things.

We see what we expect to see.

If you’re looking for chaos, you will find it.

But we need to shift our mindset so that we are able to see the opportunities that are opening up right now.

In times like this, where everyone is panicking, your clients need you to be the person who isn’t panicking too. They are fearful. They are under pressure too. They also had the ground move underneath them this month. And they will also have the background fears for their health, the health of their friends and family, all the things we are all feeling.

This is the moment to take a breath, park your negative mindset at the door and look at the situation to see what is really going on.

Can you do that?

Send me a message if you need help breaking the fear cycle and reframing the situation.

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I’d love to know what daily actions are you taking to help manage your mindset in this challenging time!

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