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Developing A Journaling Practice In Your Consulting Business

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Do you sometimes feel like there is so much in your head and you need somewhere to download it? Or perhaps you are stuck somewhere in your business or your life and you would love to talk it through but there isn’t someone to have that particular conversation with?

We all need to make space for ourselves. That’s often quite difficult for women consultants because we play so many roles. Our business often isn’t the only focus of our lives. We’re going from one part of our life to another with very little breathing space.

One way I make space for myself is through having a journaling practice and this is something I encourage all my clients to do because it has really helped me in my life and my business. Journaling has always been my go-to for mindset, dealing with stress, looking at why I am holding myself back, a place for working on strategic planning, and so much more. I love it!

I’m quite an instinctive journaler and sometimes find myself flummoxed by the question: how do I journal? As a high achieving woman, you want tools and a system. This is why I invited accredited coach and organisational consultant Moyra Mackie to be my guest on this week’s episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast. Moyra has developed the Journal Safari and shared lots of insights into how to create a journaling practice and the benefits it can bring.

We talk about:

●     How journaling is like having a life coach

●     Giving yourself permission to make space for yourself

●     Figuring out your personal journaling practice

●     Dealing with our emotions

●     Starting from where you are

●     Getting stuck and learning from it

●     Talking down your inner critic

●     Integrating the pieces of yourself

🎧 Head here to listen to this episode in full – 048 Developing A Journaling Practice

And let me know – do you journal? If not, is this something you would like to start doing?

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