You are currently viewing Episode 048: Developing a Journaling Practice with Moyra Mackie

What do you do with all the thoughts, ideas, notes, and possibly doubts that don’t necessarily belong on your task list or in your business planner?

We have so much in our heads, and when you run your own consulting business it feels like you are juggling a million thoughts at the same time. We need somewhere to put the thoughts which don’t necessarily need to be acted on today, or this week, or that is not part of a work we are doing with our clients.

Something which has really helped me in my life and my business is journaling. It’s always been my go-to for mindset, dealing with stress, looking at why I am holding myself back, a place for working on strategic planning, and so much more. I love journaling and I encourage my clients to do it.

I’m quite an instinctive journaler and sometimes find myself flummoxed by the question: how do I journal? If that is something you would like to know the answer to, then this week my guest on the podcast is Moyra Mackie. She’s an accredited coach and organisational consultant, and has developed Journal Safari to help people create a space where they can step away from being busy and articulate their thoughts and feelings.

We talk about:

  • How journaling is like having a life coach
  • Giving yourself permission to make space for yourself
  • Figuring out your personal journaling practice
  • Dealing with our emotions
  • Starting from where you are
  • Getting stuck and learning from it
  • Talking down your inner critic
  • Integrating the pieces of yourself

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