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Building A Business With Trauma In The Background

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When you are building your consulting business you deal with a lot. You’re in a new world, one where you are the boss. At the same time, you’re trying to navigate relationships with clients and manage projects. There’s a lot to learn and many moments when it feels hard. 

You might also be dealing with trauma. This can come in many forms. You might be acutely aware of it, or it might be in the background. Sometimes trauma can surface, seemingly out of the blue, after being buried for a long time. 

Experiences can affect us in different ways. Two people can have the same experience and while one of them might shrug it off, the other person really doesn’t. It’s not about the things that have happened to you. It’s also not about whether you are a ‘weak’ person or a ‘strong’ person. You can be a very strong person and be completely derailed by something unexpectedly.

That trauma can affect your business, and more importantly, affect you, your health, and your relationships. What do you do when trauma impacts you? Who do you turn to? 

In this episode my guest on the Seven Figure Consultant podcast is Kelly Sullivan Ruta. She is a qualified psychotherapist, and she is also very able to help people with their mindset issues. 

Kelly is a sought-after CEO Development Strategist. She combines several theories and applications of psychology, clinical social work, neuroplasticity, and the ability to safely navigate trauma to help transform CEOs and business owners from being the bottlenecks in their scaling efforts to confident leaders and change agents in their industries.

I am a coach and I have a strong interest in psychotherapy, but I am not trained or qualified. If I was going to try and do therapy with my clients that would be unethical. A business coach is not the person to talk to about trauma. You need a trauma trained psychotherapist, psychiatrist, clinical social worker, or licensed professional counsellor. 

Getting help from an appropriately qualified person is one of the areas Kelly and I explore during our conversation. 

We also talk about:

●     The differences and boundaries between coaching, mentoring, psychotherapy, mindset, and strategic CEO development

●     How scaling a business to multi six figures and beyond is the greatest personal development challenge of your life

●     How challenges in business can re-trigger trauma

●     The impact of trauma on your system

●     Not feeling ashamed to ask for help with trauma

🎧 Head here to listen to this episode in full 067 Building a business with trauma in the background.

Let me know, what can business owners do to support each others’ mental health?

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