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You Need to Trust Yourself

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Are you worried about taking the next step in your business? So often we have this narrative of ‘if this doesn’t work out, everything will be a total disaster and I’ll go bankrupt and be homeless’. We make everything a catastrophe which then doesn’t happen.

It is so easy to keep second-guessing ourselves but you need to trust yourself. You’re in charge of a business and you’re faced with the consequences of your decisions (or indecision) all day every day.

You need to grasp hold of the responsibility you have to do the best you can for your business because the main person who suffers if you make bad business decisions is you. 

This can be hard if you know you have been in a position before where you were not suited to a role and were trying but it just wasn’t right for you. And now you are learning stuff about yourself you’ve never seen before. Or you might have had a boss who didn’t know how to nurture your talent, or who micro-managed or criticised you on a daily basis.

If you had a traumatic exit from your corporate career, for example if you were pushed out or left because of bullying, you might feel like you seriously doubt your ability to make decisions in your own business.

You need to regain your ability to trust yourself.

We can have all kinds of people in our lives who make us feel small or like we’re not capable of making wise choices. And that can become a self-fulfilling prophecy because we then opt out of taking responsibility for things. Then when we DO step up, we’re hyper-sensitive to whether we’re doing it right or not, or we’re just plain inexperienced because we’ve opted out of having to make decisions for important things.

You need to trust yourself, because you have the ability to make good decisions. You might need to practise this a little more, but ultimately, this is something you CAN learn to do, and get better at doing.

You also need to be ready to remind yourself that you are going to get things wrong. You’re going to make a bad call, or trust the wrong person, or waste some money, or mess up an opportunity.

But none of that is terminal, because as entrepreneurs, we always pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and step forward into the next version of the plan. 

Let me know, what decision have you dreaded making that turned out to be absolutely fine?

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