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Women Consultants, You Must Avoid This Productivity Trap

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Are you only using a fraction of your skills and expertise in the work you are doing? Perhaps when you started your business, you went in at a lower level than you are capable of.

You might not have felt confident going in at a high level. Or you might have undervalued your skills and experience and not realised you are capable of more. Starting a business can be overwhelming, and it’s natural to want to find your feet before you aim really high.

Lots of us get our initial contracts from ‘low hanging fruit’, you know, those really easy sales that can just fall into your lap when you’re new to the marketplace. And that can lead to quite negative ways of thinking, You say to yourself, ‘I have to take what I can get’ or ‘people won’t pay more than this’, when really, you’ve never proactively gone out there with raised standards.

If you’re aware this is what’s happening in your business, then you know you are capable of more. Working at a higher level would not only bring in more revenue to your business, it would also mean more engaging work that you can really get your teeth into.

Do you always seem to be busy but you’re not making enough money? Being busy in your business should mean that you’re consistently profitable. Otherwise what is the point of being busy?

It never ceases to amaze me how much time we can sometimes pour into all the wrong things in our business. Whenever I meet women who aren’t happy with the revenue coming into their business, it is so often the case that they are working really hard perfecting a really low-ticket offer.

And this is one of the most deceptive things when you’re a business owner. It can feel like you’re being really productive and you’re building something that will really take off down the line, when in reality, you’re focusing a lot of energy and attention on a product that isn’t going to make the money you actually need it to.

There’s a sort of inverse proportion to it. The lower the value of the product you’re putting out, the more work it takes to bring it to market and sell it.

Cover image for Episode 52 of The Seven Figure Consultant Podcast - Women Consultants, Are You Prioritising Volume Over Value?

In this episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I am talking about prioritising volume over value and the impact this has on your consulting business.

I talk about:

●     Needing more hours in order to make more money

●     Developing a premium, super high-ticket offer

●     Always being busy in your business

●     Fulfilling your potential

●     Pouring your time into the wrong things

🤓 Head here to listen to this episode in full – 053 Are You Prioritising Volume Over Value?

Let me know, are you focusing on low-ticket or high-ticket offers in your business?

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