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Women Consultants, What Makes You Burst Into Song in the Car?

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Whenever I get in a funk or feel my energy levels are low, I always know this will change when I spend time with my high-level clients. I feel so much more energised afterwards!

Knowing where I am at my best makes such a difference. This is why I love the Wealth Dynamics framework, it encourages you to focus on what energises you. Its purpose is to identify the activities or areas of your business that put you in flow, compared to the things that pull you out of flow. If you haven’t heard of the Wealth Dynamics Framework before, it identifies 8 entrepreneur personality types which balance each other.

Part of the work I do with my clients around Wealth Dynamics is working out what their unique profile is. I don’t just look at the profile type they are but drill down into the specifics of what their graph results mean. You can have two people present as the same profile but they can relate to completely different aspects of the same profile.

Once we’ve worked that out and done some deeper work around what that looks like specifically for them, we often re-engineer the role they play in their business and their blueprint for their team structure so they are perpetually in flow.

To give you another example of how this plays out, one of the Wealth Dynamics trainers says he loves to facilitate training days. He knows this puts him in flow because he can lead and talk and listen on these courses for a whole week and still be singing in the car on the way home.

There’s no sense of depletion or of needing to escape after a few hours, because it’s an activating task for him. The energy required to do the task is regenerated by the experience of doing the task.

You will have something that leaves you buzzing afterwards and feeling like you keep going. The Wealth Dynamics people have calculated that when you are in flow, you are 5 times more productive than when you are out of flow. That equates to achieving a week’s worth of work in a single day!

I implement this with so many of my clients because it literally creates the ability for them to work less and earn more. We are skyrocketing their productivity and at the same time, energising them like crazy. Imagine what you can attract in your business when you are always vibrating at close to your highest possible frequency!

What could be possible if that were to happen in your business?

If you want to dig into your Wealth Dynamics and the specifics of what puts you into flow, a great place to start is by taking the Wealth Dynamics test and finding out your profile. For just $97 you get your result plus a 32-page PDF report that explains a ton about what your profile means. I also offer personal debrief sessions which are SO fun to do. And if you’d like to use Wealth Dynamics with your team, we can also facilitate team debrief sessions.

Let me know, what do you love singing along to in the car?

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