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Women Consultants, What Have You Been Leaving On Hold For The Last 2 Years?

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Lockdown was the ultimate for getting stuck, wasn’t it? We hadn’t been able to do the things we would do normally, and we haven’t been able to see the people we would normally. 

We had quite an intense lockdown in the UK from March until kind of August time, maybe July time. I can’t even remember when it finished now! It feels like a different world. But after we’d been in that phase, I realised how much my energy had really slumped. I didn’t feel like doing anything. 

If that has happened to you, and I know we had a really restricted Christmas period here in the UK which wasn’t the festive break we had been looking forward to, then you need to find a way to re-energise yourself. We need to consciously shift ourselves out of that because if you’re someone who owns their own business, who’s got a big vision for what they want to do with their consulting business, it’s not normal for you to be really flat and for you to be stuck in one place. 

We don’t know what the world is going to be like. We don’t have that certainty of everything being the same, but I really don’t think that needs to be something that means that we stop looking and we stop trying and we stop hoping. We need to see the possibilities and get excited about the opportunities ahead of us. That’s a really huge thing we can be doing to get ourselves back to normal.

And one of the hangovers of the past few years might be that there’s something you have been meaning to do in your business, that you haven’t got around to. There might even be something you have been aware of that’s broken, that you haven’t sorted out. Now is the time to tackle it. Not just because it needs dealing with but because of the flood of energy you will experience when you go from having something which is permanently broken or permanently on hold to doing something about it. Facing these things in our businesses makes such a difference. 

What are the things that you’ve been leaving on hold for the last 2 years? Time is still ticking on. Money can still be made. Clients can still be found and served and looked after. We don’t need to wait until all of this is over. You can be doing it right now.

Let me know, what have you been putting off in your business?

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