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Women Consultants, Increase Your Profits and Win More Time Back With This Simple Business Strategy

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We can be obsessed with the idea that to build a successful consulting business, we need a lot of clients.

You have a good number of contracts that you’re delivering. But you aren’t making the money you want to be, because you’ve booked yourself up with work that doesn’t bring in enough revenue to cover your costs and leave a healthy profit margin.

The discouraging thing with this model is there is no way to increase the revenue coming into your business, because you need more hours available in order to make more money, and you just don’t have any more hours in your week to give.

The reason you’re not making the money you want to be, is because you aren’t charging enough.

One of the exercises I like to get my clients to do in this situation is to start to think their way into a premium, super high-ticket offer, maybe something that just seems off the scale at that current moment.

So, if you currently charge £5-10K per contract, what would it look like to put together a £100K offer? If you’re already comfortable with a £100K contract, what would need to change to up that to £200K, or 500K?

This can be such a helpful exercise because a lot of our resistance comes down to mindset problems. Mindset is extremely powerful, and can either hold us back, sometimes for years at a time, or it can be the fuel that enables huge leaps forward in your consulting business.

If you don’t have your mindset in the right place, you can learn all the strategies and all the techniques, but it won’t make any difference to your business.

A high-ticket offer can actually be the most straightforward to pull off – if you have the courage to get out there and ask for sale.

By increasing your prices you can actually make more revenue from serving fewer clients. This is a double win because you then increase your profits AND get your time back, all at the same time.

Let me know, how do you feel about creating a premium, super high-ticket offer?

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