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Women Consultants, Do You Feel Your Income Is Never Enough?

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Do you have a picture in your mind of how your life will look when you achieve your goals?

You might look at one of those ‘woman entrepreneur drinking coffee’ stock photos and imagine yourself at the centre. You’re drinking coffee and you’re happy with how things are going. Click!

It’s part of the dreaming process in a lot of ways – everything is ethereal and appears on the horizon like the Disneyland castle at the start of a Disney film. But while envisioning the future and knowing where you want to be and what you want your life to be like is helpful, it can mean it doesn’t measure up when reality is applied.

Your 6 figure consulting business doesn’t mean a magic wand is waved and suddenly, your life is picture perfect. And while you probably wouldn’t expect more money in the bank to make everything better, you might be surprised that you don’t suddenly feel richer.

We can spend years replaying old money narratives about scarcity and lack even when we DO have a ton more money in the bank. Because with money mindset it’s not about how much money we have – it’s about the story we tell ourselves.

We can have the same limiting beliefs driving us despite being more successful. We’re still worrying that we aren’t meeting other people’s expectations of us, still feeling like it’s not enough! We tell ourselves we just need another 200,000 dollars to come through, then we’ll really be where we want to be.

The good news about this is that we can change our money narrative BEFORE our material circumstances change. That’s a really important part of the journey and why I bang on all the time about shifting scarcity to abundance. We can end up with money blocks and get stuck in self sabotage that actually stops us from receiving the money we want.

Working on your money mindset at each stage of your growing your business means you can enjoy the life and business you are creating. When you daydream about what you want to do in 2022, you will be dreaming with the foundations already in place so you can make those ideas happen. You won’t be writing down a number, or setting yourself a goal, only to quietly cross it through or tell yourself later, ‘oh well, it didn’t work because…’

Let me know, where do you imagine yourself when you dream about the future?

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