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Women Consultants, Could This Be Why You Aren’t Marketing Your Services?

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Are you struggling to attract consulting clients? Have you drawn up a marketing strategy, perhaps with the help of a marketing coach, but when you look at the list of recommended activities, you don’t want to do any of them?

All the strategies involve putting ourselves out there, whether it’s picking up the phone, going to an event, or even just posting your point of view on social media.

But putting ourselves out there can be hard because it means we have to be certain that we deserve to be there, and that we are qualified to say the things we’re saying. This can be really difficult if you’re at a stage of your business where you feel like you don’t know yet if that’s true.

So often in the early stages of business we want our prospective clients to validate whether or not we are doing the right thing. What looks like a sales conversation is actually you thinking ‘please tell me I’m good enough!’, and unsurprisingly, if the client picks up on that they probably won’t be able to put it into words why but they’ll want to run a mile.

Certainty always has to come from you. It’s a central part of being a competent consultant. How can you come across as confident if you are completely consumed with the fear that you’re not good enough to be in the room?

This is why mindset needs to come before strategy. And the amazing thing about this is that when you have started working on your mindset, you might even draw up a list of all of the same things that the marketing coach put together, only now you ACTUALLY want to do them.

You have confidence in yourself. You have reassessed the beliefs you had that were holding you back and now you are ready to go out there and talk to people about what you can do.

Let me know, does this resonate with you?

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