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Women Consultants, Are You Ready To Help Your Clients See The Signs of Life Post Lockdown?

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You have the sales conversation.

It seems to be going so well.

And then the client says ‘yes this sounds great, and definitely after lockdown let’s speak again’.

It’s like everyone is on pause.

There’s a doomsday theme in the media.

‘We’re facing tough times’ ‘It’s going to be a tough 12 months, a tough 24 months’, ‘some businesses will never recover’.

I’m not for one minute saying that these are not challenging times, for all of us, even if not financially there is so much going on physically, emotionally, globally. We are facing a level of collective suffering we have not experienced for decades and decades in the West.


Can you see that if you go along with this whole narrative and absorb all that scarcity you will be no good to anyone?

How can you advise your clients if you’ve convinced yourself that we’re all in the process of falling off a cliff?

How can you invoice your clients with any shred of integrity if you believe they would be better off not operating right now?

You need to be ready to lead. You need to be comfortable walking your prospective clients through the reasons they shouldn’t be putting you on pause.

Why they should be starting work with you NOW…. – IF this is genuinely true for their business right now.

Now I’m not saying here that if a company is genuinely unable to operate at the moment and has furloughed staff or even made redundancies, that this is the moment to be like, ‘hey don’t worry about it, it’s all in your head and you’re going to be fine! Just carry on as normal! I’ll help you through it!’

What I AM saying – is that there are a huge number of companies who will need your help to see that the way for them to ‘unpause’ and come out of lockdown is starting to open up.

I am cautiously positive about this next phase we’re moving into. I think it’s yours for the taking. But I want you to be match-ready and not stuck on the bench because you missed the early signs of life out there. 

So in this week’s podcast I’m talking about how we can see past this new phase of uncertainty, and start working towards a more secure future for your consulting businesses, including:

  • The #1 mindset trap consultants need to avoid
  • What to do when a client says ‘yes after lockdown’
  • Why this recession is different from any other – and how we can respond differently to it
  • How the media narrative could be hurting your consulting business – and what you can do about that.

🎧  Listen to the full episode here – 028 Helping Your Clients To See The Signs Of Life Post Lockdown

And I’d love to hear from you – how match-ready do you feel for life (and business) after lockdown?

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