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Women Consultants, Are You Out of Flow?

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Some days you can feel unstoppable. You’re really engaged in what you’re doing, and you look up and think, wow, 4 hours just went past?! Time feels like it moves more quickly, and you’re fully focused on your task. You are in flow. It feels easy.

Not only that but you have a sense of well-being. You’re quietly contented, relaxed, in your zone of genius, doing what you do best. You’re making huge progress and your high-quality output is well received. People can sense your competence and expert status through your work and trust you are able to do what you say you are. And that gives you such a confidence boost.

But in between those days when you feel on top of the world and sure you’re going to achieve everything you want to, are the days when it all feels so hard. And you take that as to be expected. As high achievers, we often expect work to be hard. We grit our teeth and push towards our goals.

We tell ourselves we shouldn’t expect to feel elated about work every day and those times stand out because they are rare. But is that true? Think about what you are doing on the days you feel unstoppable – could you be doing that more often?

In this episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I talk about how to tell when you are out of flow because you want to be in the zone more often. I’m all about helping women to grow their consulting businesses by working less and earning more.

I talk about:

  • How we ignore signs we are doing tasks that don’t light us up
  • How working in flow re-energises you
  • Restructuring your role in your business based on your personal Wealth Dynamics profile
  • The warning signs you are out of flow
  • The cost of being out of flow

🎧 Head here to listen to the episode in full Episode 113: How to Tell When You Are Out of Flow.

And let me know, what re-energises you at work?

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