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Why Your Current Revenue Isn’t A Measure Of Your Success

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Are you questioning whether you were right to strike out on your own as a consultant? Perhaps you are even doubting your abilities because if you really did have something to offer, wouldn’t your bank balance be higher right now? 

If this is you, then I want you to know that revenue isn’t the metric you measure the success of your business by. Here’s why: revenue is a measure of how developed your business is.

Whether you have the potential for a successful business is all about YOU – your spark, your knowledge, your expertise.

I’m creating a new flower bed at the moment. I’ve marked out a giant rectangle, layered it up with compost and cardboard to suppress the weeds and left it for 6 months to get it ready for planting.

I’ve put in six roses interspersed with peonies that were already there. And I’ve got a whole cold frame full of baby delphiniums and foxgloves that have been growing from seed over the winter. The colour scheme for this rose border is white, purple and yellow. It is going to be spectacular. 

I know because I’m basing it on a picture from Pinterest.

Right now though, honestly? It looks like a mangled patch of mess, random green shoots and funny little sticks. These roses are bare root roses right now and roses are meant to be pruned right back every year anyway so at this time of year they are just sharp spiky little sticks poking out of the ground.

If I showed you the photo of my border from Pinterest and then what’s going on in the garden right now, you wouldn’t be all that confident in my ability to match the reality to the plan.

(Left photo from Pinterest/David Austin Roses)

But come back in 3 months and it will be a different picture.

My rose border isn’t the finished article yet, but when I look at it, I see what it WILL BE when all the young plants reach maturity. The peonies are going to be spectacular. The roses are all heavy fragrance so the visuals and the scent are going to make it the highlight of the whole garden.

This is what it’s like for me when I meet women and hear about their consulting businesses. You might only be able to see the sharp spiky sticks, but I can already smell the roses.

I know when I meet an ideal client because they have the spark and the vision. Whether or not they have the revenue to match that yet is really a question of whether we’ve started working together and implemented the business model and business infrastructure they need to turn that potential into reality.

Don’t misinterpret the current state of your business for the fullness of the potential that you have to make it succeed. Don’t make the wrong assumption that you can’t be the best at what you do, because you aren’t yet making the money you want from your consulting business.

You concentrate on being the best thought leader in your space, the best keynote speaker in your industry, the most sought-after consultant out there. And let me help you with getting your business to a place where it’s making you the money you want it to.

If you’re ready to explore working with me, whether that’s in private coaching, or one of my group programmes, contact me here on LinkedIn, or send me a message via my website.

I don’t want 2022 to be another year where you tie yourself in knots about whether you’ll ever achieve your potential as a consultant.

Let me know, what’s the vision you have for your business?

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