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Why You Have To Trust Others To Run Your Consulting Business

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Your consulting business will be continually held back by how little you are able to get done. If this hasn’t occurred to you before, think about it and you’ll realise it’s true!

You can’t make more time. And let’s face it, you didn’t start your consulting business to work all the hours there are. At some point, you will hit capacity and the only way to do more work is to bring others in to run your business.

I was talking to a client of mine about this recently and without skipping a beat she said, ‘but that assumes that you can trust your team’.

Yes it does assume that – because you HAVE to be able to trust your team! We need the help and input of others to run the business.

How many of these have you said to yourself?

I can’t stop doing my own admin because only I know how to do it. 

It would take too long to train someone else.

It’s not a good use of budget to outsource it.

You need to take yourself out of the picture so it becomes essential to redefine your role and get other people involved.

And have you ever noticed that so often we are quick to outsource things like childcare and running the household, but we DON’T outsource the elements of our business that would actually be tax deductible like hiring more team members. It literally costs us money to approach things this way! 

Often you are needed so much more in your family relationships, with your partner or kids, than you are needed to do your own accounts in the business, or set up some automated emails.

What I have found, and my clients have found, is that once you start the process of outsourcing and refining your role as CEO of the business you see more and more things that you don’t need to be doing.

I know when you’re a high achiever it is hard to trust other people, because we think we’re the only properly trustworthy people. It’s hard to let other people in when you have been the centre of your business for so long.

But if you’re still running the show as if you’re a solopreneur (which by the way you can very much do even when you have an assistant and maybe even a few other team members onboard) – you are holding your business back.

Let me know, what could you outsource right now?

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