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When Imposter Syndrome Strikes After You Have Already Made A Change

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In this episode of my LinkedIn Audio Show, Seven Figure Consultant Conversations, I was joined by Sharath Jeevan, one of the world’s leading experts on reigniting our inner drive (intrinsic motivation), and the author of “Intrinsic”.

We talked about what happens when imposter syndrome strikes after you have already made a change.

Sharath is currently the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, which supports organizations all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges, from governments to leading UK universities and high-profile corporations.

Sharath holds degrees from Cambridge and Oxford Universities and an MBA from INSEAD. He was held senior corporate roles at companies ranging from Strategy& (PWC) to eBay. 

Sharath’s first book Intrinsic  became a Kindle entrepreneurship and business leadership best seller in 2021. The new paperback edition comes out in Feb 2022  on Amazon and other retailers. It is a book which takes readers on a journey around the world to find practical and inspirational answers to solving our motivational crisis, harnessing ground-breaking research, from psychology and economics to philosophy and behavioural science. It has received wonderful testimonials from former prime ministers, global thought leaders, the CHROs of leading companies and bestselling authors. 

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