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When Imposter Syndrome Comes Knocking

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Do you feel confident as the CEO of your consulting business?

Or do you have a growing sense of unease? Maybe it feels like it is all too easy, or that you somehow don’t deserve that client. Or perhaps that you’re aiming too high and you’ll be found out at any moment.

This is what happens when imposter syndrome comes knocking. You could call it an intense feeling of ‘unworthiness’, or being in a room (or job, or even in a life) where you don’t belong – and where you could be ‘found out’ at any time and asked to leave.

You increasingly feel like you want to escape. You might turn down opportunities. You fear someone saying your price is too high or questioning your work. You could even be thinking about quitting your business altogether.

This is not something that is unique to women, but it is something that many women I speak to experience. And if you are reading this and thinking it is sounding very familiar, I want you to know that for anyone building a consulting business, it is normal to feel utterly terrified at the prospect.

In this episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast I’m talking about imposter syndrome and what you can do to get back to feeling congruent and confident in your consulting business.

I discuss:

●     Signs you might be experiencing imposter syndrome

●     The feeling of wanting to escape

●     How to spot when you are self-sabotaging your business

●     Fear of setting prices

●     Playing small

●     The need to invest in your mindset

●     Key questions you need to ask yourself to get the life you want and deserve

🎧  Head here to listen to this episode in full – 044 When Imposter Syndrome Comes Knocking

And let me know – have you experienced imposter syndrome? What helped you to process it and move forward?

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