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What’s Your Idea Of ‘Normal’ When It Comes To Money?

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When our first son was born, I knew I probably wouldn’t return to my job after maternity leave and I cut back on spending. 

I traded in my iPhone for a horrible cheap Android phone that I hated. I told myself I couldn’t buy boutique cosmetics anymore and started to buy the cheapest range instead. It was almost like I was punishing myself.

And then, after several months of playing small in my new coaching and consulting business, I earned £4k all in one month. I remember talking to my husband in our kitchen and just bursting into tears because I couldn’t handle the thought of that much money coming in at once.

That amount of money was not normal for me. If you spend all your time around small sums of money, then £2.99 for a coffee will feel like a big deal. Whereas, if you make high 6 figures your normal, you’ll come to the realisation pretty soon that £10K is not a big deal. In consulting terms it’s actually a very small amount of money. A lot of my clients soon come to this realisation!

It’s all a question of what becomes normal for you, and if you want to grow your business and make a success of yourself as a consultant, you need to stretch yourself in this area.

It doesn’t always feel comfortable. But what we’re doing when we go through this process is raising our horizons. And that is so important for business building. It’s like any kind of building – you need a strong vision. You need to be the person that visits the building site but can already see the new home in amongst the foundations and the rubble.

Or looking at a flat patch of earth covered in debris but seeing the garden you know you’ll be enjoying in two years’ time.

Challenge yourself to spend time with people who are a stage up from where you are, instead of always being the biggest fish in the pond. If that’s the case, you need a new pond. You will benefit so much from being surrounded by a new ‘normal’. By getting comfortable with larger sums of money, or bigger contracts, or higher level clients.

Have you set goals for your business in 2022? How would you change those goals if you weren’t held back by money hang ups?

Let me know, have you set yourself a money goal for 2022 which is higher than 2021?

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