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What Leadership Looks Like For Women Consultants in a Post-Covid Marketplace

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Desperation can be contagious – and as we all know only too well – contagious things are usually dangerous.

Have you felt it yourself? That looming sense of desperation? You started the day feeling fairly upbeat, but after a quick scroll on social media, or a glance at the news, your energy levels have dipped?

For lots of people, and lots of businesses – across all sectors – retail, hospitality, manufacturing – there is a real sense of desperation at the moment.

Something we speak about often on the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast is that desperation can be very contagious.

And it can feel very real. 

But before you join in with that particular conga, take a step back so you can SEE what the national mood is – even the global mood. Right now coronavirus is affecting pretty much everyone. 

You need to be able to take a step back and be able to see what’s going on around you without getting caught up in the overwhelm that other people are seeing and experiencing.

That’s what happens when we read the news.

We talk about adverts, or ideas online going viral.

Emotions and collective mood can spread just as rapidly over the Internet. 

Earlier this year, at the start of the pandemic there was fear and panic. People didn’t know what to expect and that element of the unknown was intimidating. Will I get ill? Will my family get ill? Will it crash the economy?

Those were big, scary fears that generated big scary emotions.

So we saw a lot of panic posting on social media, people sharing those big emotions, making a lot of negative predictions. The stories of people who had been most affected are the stories that get the most attention, so they get shared more, and you’re more likely to see them…..and then they’re more likely to get shared, and so on.

But then that also causes some people to switch off and go into denial. They don’t believe they will be affected, or maybe they don’t even believe there is a virus. 

Which then triggers the people who are panicking even more, because they feel like they have to shout even louder to be heard.

I’m sharing that cycle with you so you can see how this fear, these big scary emotions spread. How they become contagious.

And if you can step outside of the cycle for just a few minutes and witness it, if you can understand the mood of the people around you and how it might be influencing you – then you can resist getting caught up in the wave, and set your own mood, and manage your own mindset.

This is what leadership looks like in your consulting business in a post-Covid world. And it’s not out of your reach. As many consultants already know, it’s the most important way you can show up for your consulting clients in these uncertain times.

How do you avoid getting swept up in the tidal wave of emotions when it comes to your consulting business?

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