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Women Consultants, What Assumptions Does Your Business Rely On?

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You might not realise you are doing this, but we make assumptions in our businesses all the time. We assume clients will stay with us. We assume the economic outlook will stay the same. We assume we will be fit and able to work.

What assumptions are in play for you, day to day, in your business?

What needs to be going on in the world for your services to be an urgent need for your clients?

This is a great thing to really go into the detail with because it will deepen your understanding of what triggers you need to be on the lookout for.

In stark terms, it means you have a more nuanced understanding of when you need to panic! And the result of understanding this more is that you realise it’s actually less often than you might automatically have assumed.

So, there might be stock market rumblings or a takeover, or a crisis in a particular industry. If you really understand your ideal operating circumstances, you can have more confidence day to day about whether the stories dominating the news are likely to affect your consulting business.

And this is good because then you are set free from being at the mercy of the latest news cycle. You don’t need to take your cues from the media. After all, headlines are designed to get your attention. And they can be a version of the truth, or exaggerated, or sometimes just plain inaccurate.

Knowing where pitfalls lie sets you free from fearing whatever lies around the next corner. And also means that you are paying attention when there is a potential threat on the horizon.

It is worth mapping out the assumptions you are making for your services to run as expected.

This can be all manner of things including changes in the world economy, changes with your clients or your sector, the presence or absence of a global pandemic(!), continuity in your own team, your personal health and wellbeing.

But it is not just about preventing crisis or minimising risk. When you really understand your ideal operating circumstances, this also means you know when you are in a season of genuine opportunity for growth and expansion in your own business.

This can be a positive trigger for you to sit up and take notice – because the right action under changing circumstances could be very profitable for your consulting business.

What assumptions have you realised you are relying on in your business? Let me know.

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