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The Transition To Earning More Than Your Partner

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A lot of women consultants start their businesses because they would like to work part-time hours. They might have childcare responsibilities, or they want to take life at a slower pace, or they need to devote time to something else.

I always say to the women consultants I speak to that I’m all about having your cake and eating it too – we don’t have to either have the working hours we want, or the paycheck we want – when you have your own consulting business you can have both.

My work has provided me an amazing opportunity to earn good money with a minimum of hours each week. And as someone who has had huge issues with energy limitations, chronic illness and mental health struggles over the last 20 years, honestly, it has been life changing for me.

I love seeing other women achieving success in their life on their own terms. One of the things that makes me most excited about women-owned businesses is seeing women rise up and create a better life for themselves and their partners and families, and use their businesses to create opportunities for others.

But I know that if you are married or in a lifelong partnership, the change in your earnings as your consultancy business grows can raise an important issue about how you see your role, and that of your business. That is, do you see your consulting business as the ‘supporting income’ in your household? If so, is that something you are happy about?

In this episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I am discussing the transition to earning more than your partner.

I talk about:

●     The impact of the pandemic on women-owned businesses

●     How women see themselves as business owners

●     The potential of your consultancy business to be life-changing for you

●     How earning more than your partner can mean a shift in your relationship

●     Figuring out what your dreams and aspirations are

🎧 Head here to listen to this episode in full 062 The transition to earning more than your partner.

Let me know, what does your business enable you to do?

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