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The Surprising Option Many Women Consultants Choose – Or Is It?

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I launched a group Mastermind programme for the Summer, and some women emailed me to say they didn’t want it – here’s why.

I don’t run many group programmes but whenever I do, I always get applications from women who then say ‘actually, I do really like the sound of this Mastermind but I also just feel like I don’t really want to join a group. Can we look at private coaching options instead?’.

Without fail – it always happens!

And I understand.

Group programmes can work really well. Women often love to be social in the way they conduct and build their businesses. Getting alongside other women and being part of that community together is a really powerful thing, and actually that’s one of the main reasons I love running my mentoring group, the Work Less Earn More Mentorship. When women get together to speak about their businesses, something magical happens. We experience that every month.

I think also a group Mastermind programme can often be really appealing because it can be a more budget friendly option. The investment is often much lower than it is for private coaching, and that means it can be a much easier way to get help in your business.


There are also some downsides and I think often for my clients, these are real sticking points.

Firstly, you have to wait your turn on a group coaching call. And for a lot of consultants, that just isn’t how you want to spend your time. For many high-achieving women, it’s also not all that appealing to sit at your computer on Zoom drinking a bottomless glass of wine and chit-chatting for hours on end about vaguely business-related topics that MIGHT be helpful but equally, might just be a complete waste of your time.

The clients I work with are highly relational, sociable, bright women. But they often draw a line between work and pleasure, and that means when they’re looking to get help with their business they want it to be focused. They want it to be ‘all about them’. And they’re willing to set aside the budget to make that happen. And that’s something I’m more than happy to accommodate because I’ve often felt like that too. And I have to say, that’s also a factor that often has a huge impact on the results they get from private coaching rather than from a group programme. 

Yes the investment is higher for private coaching, but you get so much more input for your money and when you really show up by making that investment, it has a powerful impact. And as an aside, I know that some coaches put a real premium on ‘high level coaching’ like it’s a magic wand where the more money you spend, the better it works. Please don’t hear me as saying that – because when it’s used as a blanket principle in this way, it is actually a manipulative tactic that preys on people’s vulnerability, and the investment in this kind of coach doesn’t usually bring the return they are promising. 

But with the right coach, when you show up and make the investment and really commit to the work, it is a completely different ball game to a very sociable mass-sold group programme. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having friends online and having fun. But know that that is something very different to focused work on your business – and the results you get will most likely be very different.

So don’t worry if my (or anyone else’s) group programme isn’t right for you. That sociable learning style is right for some people, and not others.

If you’re looking to increase your revenue this Summer, without working even more hours, contact me and I’ll let you know how you how you can find out more about the available options (both group and private coaching) for working with me.

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