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The Simple Step Women Consultants Can Take Today To Generate More Revenue In Their Consulting Business

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Do you know the most impactful thing you can do right now to grow your consulting business?

Something that takes just a few minutes, costs nothing, but has the potential to generate thousands, maybe tens of thousands in revenue.

Go and have a conversation with a warm lead.

So often consultants find themselves stuck on the sidelines, updating their website, or redesigning their business cards, while they patiently wait for the next contract to come in.

When they got started, they made excellent use of the contacts they already had before they started consulting. Through real conversations initial contracts were secured, and the business got off to a healthy start.

And then those existing contacts ran out, and in order to grow the business further, new contacts, new leads were needed.

So they start building their audience, creating content, adding value.

But selling your consulting services does NOT need to follow the formula prescribed for selling courses or digital products.

You do not need an audience of thousands to download your lead magnet, progress through a 21-day email sequence, consume a mountain of free content, and then buy the offer you push under their nose.

This is not going to work in a corporate environment.

They don’t have time to passively consume your content.

And you can’t afford to wait for THEM to take the lead.

The emails you send need to be personal, specific to their business and your relationship with them. 

You don’t invite them to a webinar – invite them to a conversation!

Don’t show them to a sales page pitching your product – create a bespoke proposal on how you can help them and their business.

Go and have the conversation. That is where the money is. 

Tell them transparently, ‘I have this amazing solution – you should definitely buy it because this is exactly how it can help you.’

If you don’t do that, somebody else will. Someone who may not have your integrity, or your skillset. 

Someone else, who can’t deliver to the same standard as you, will get the contract, while you sit on the sidelines creating your next lead magnet.

I’d love to hear from you – do you find it easier to make changes to your website than get out and speak to warm leads?

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