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🤩 The benefit of hindsight… in real time

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I’ve noticed something recently, and honestly, it is too good not to share with you.

Do you ever find when you’re going through the day to day in your consulting business, it doesn’t always feel super amazing?

Maybe you’re focused on bringing in new clients, and even though you’re working hard and powering through your call sheet, you feel the fear that maybe this won’t work, or it isn’t enough.

Maybe you just did a ton of sales but now you’re feeling the pressure to deliver the goods with your consulting work, and again, what if you can’t fulfil to a high standard after all?

Maybe you’re looking for your next hire and it feels like you don’t know where the perfect candidate will appear from.

When you’re committed to growing your business, it is normal to feel out of your depth and like you don’t know if you can pull it off.

But here’s the thing. Have you ever noticed that when you look back 6 months, or a year, you can see now that all the things you were working towards back THEN, are now totally resolved.

The things we fear in business mostly never happen. And we don’t always feel like we know where the next client or contract or team member will come from – but then when you commit to taking the right actions each day, each week, each month, the universe somehow delivers!

So, if you’re reading this and feeling the stress and fear about the ‘thing’ you’re currently building out in your consulting business, what would change if you hit fast forward to the point where it has all worked out, and give yourself the gift of hindsight in this moment? Even though it hasn’t happened yet 😜

I have to ask you, how would your life and business be different if you genuinely believed you couldn’t fail or get it wrong?

99% of the time, when we look back after the event, we realise it was all fine the whole time, even though we felt the fear and the anxiety and all kinds of unsafe at the time.

What would change if you could receive that assurance from your future self TODAY?

What if you were telling yourself a good news story instead of the story of a catastrophe in the making?

What if you weren’t dress-rehearsing the worst possible outcomes, but simply progressing through the chapters in the book of your business journey?

What if you could feel connected to that future version of you who already has the thing you are currently working towards, and know that the dark and twisty feelings on the journey are just your brain reprogramming itself to receive all the things you currently aspire to?

Think back 6 months and ask yourself – what was I focused on then that I have now received?

Were your fears at the time present? Were they founded?

When you realise that fear and anxiety are a choice in business, and you can just as easily choose something better, it is like a 100lb weight falls away 🤩

And if you’re reading this and feeling like you could use some help reframing your business journey from 6 to 7 figures as a woman consultant, and you’re looking for an elite level coach to help you make it feel easy again, I would love to hear from you:

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They say that hindsight is 20/20, so maybe it’s time to stop playing the game of fear and anxiety in the day-to-day, and instead get ready for all the amazing things you are working hard to receive.

Hope that’s a helpful reframe! 🥰

Have a great week,

Jessica x

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