You are currently viewing 6 to 7 Figure Women Podcast Live – Seven Figures At Any Cost, with Heather Roberts

6 to 7 Figure Women Podcast Live – Seven Figures At Any Cost, with Heather Roberts

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Join us for this episode of The 6 to 7 Figure Women Podcast Live, where we’ll be chatting with our special guest, Heather Roberts, about why women often feel the need to make themselves smaller and building a 7 figure empire that doesn’t feel magical!

Heather Roberts is a successful entrepreneur and business mentor who specializes in helping high-achieving women create a business that aligns with their busy lifestyle.

With over 16 years of experience in building and exiting successful seven-figure businesses, including RSG Sales, an e-commerce agency and E by Design, a top 5 pillow supplier with Wayfair, Heather brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Her approach involves implementing efficient systems, ensuring the right team dynamic, and focusing on revenue-generating activities, while also offering guidance on prioritizing personal needs and overcoming limiting beliefs. Heather is passionate about helping women customize their lives and businesses to fit their unique needs and desires.

Heather is also the host of the podcast, Boundaries, Business, and Boobs, for women leaders who are looking to break free from traditional expectations and find time for themselves.

In this episode, Heather will share about:

– Becoming the Line Leader of Your Life
– Creating your definition of Boundaries
– What is your perfect day?

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