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Is Your Website Doing A Good Job Of Selling You?

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We tend to think of corporate sales as being about the facts and the figures but actually we’re all people and we make our decisions emotionally.

Quite often, it’s not a battle of logic and the mind, it’s a battle of the heart. When you get a heart yes from someone, it’s brilliant. I love those sales calls when you can tell that the person has already decided before they speak to you. They’re a yes because it’s from the heart.

We all feel stuff. I think as women, that’s something which we can use as a secret weapon, because we are willing to go there and we’re willing to show that we understand exactly what it feels like. We know what our customer feels and why they want a solution. 

One way you can get that heart yes from someone before they speak to you is through your website. When you are considering working with someone, or buying a new product you do your research, don’t you? You’ll ask around for recommendations and look at websites. What are you saying to your clients before they meet you? Think about them and what they are experiencing and use that to write website copy that makes potential clients take notice of you. 

Recently I was researching a local business and their message was really clear. Their website copy went like this, “you have this problem, you’ve tried this solution, it didn’t work, that was very frustrating”. They had applied copywriting theory really well and they got my business as a result. 

That’s a really simple formula you can follow when you are writing your website copy. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes.

One of the reasons why the business I was researching stood out was because I could see immediately that they had a solution for me. Have you ever visited someone’s website, read through it and thought, ‘but what do you do?’ Sometimes it isn’t clear at all what someone is offering, or how they can help.

You don’t want that to be how someone feels when they look at your website. Act like a potential client and visit your site, is it obvious to someone who doesn’t know you what your consultancy does? Is your writing persuasive? If not, you need to revisit your website copy. 

Let me know, what’s the headline on your homepage and do you think it reflects what you do?

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