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Is Your Business Giving You The Balance You Are Looking For?

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One of the things I’ve become more aware of in the last 2 years is how many women have been negatively affected by the pandemic. 

I’m not talking about women who have seen their earnings evaporate because of factors outside their control. I’m talking about women in all kinds of businesses who have opted to step back from their business or set it to one side because of the increased pressure of schools being closed and kids being home.

What I’ve been struck by is how many women have relegated their businesses in the process. The typical scenario I’ve seen has been that the husband is the one with the ‘main’ income, so the wife then takes on full responsibility for home-schooling the kids and doing everything in the home so that he can work full time from home.

Now I’m not looking to point the finger here, it isn’t helpful when women tear down other women, and I’m all about equipping and empowering women to create their own opportunities and provide opportunities for others in the process.

A key value of mine is to create the maximum amount of value from the minimum amount of time spent. It’s a principle that runs through my work – it’s why I named my group programme structure the Work Less Earn More Mentorship. I’m all about working less and earning more.

Some of my clients want to focus on working less as the bigger priority, and others want to earn more without feeling like they’re losing themselves in the process.

Whether you are thinking about how to give yourself some immediate relief from the pressure of juggling clients and childcare, or the past 12 months have made you re-evaluate, what do you want your life to look like?

How could you shift your business to create more freedom?

When you’re an ambitious high-achiever, women can feel guilty if they don’t aspire to work 90 hours a week. You might ask, ‘Am I achieving my potential, will I be taken seriously?’ You’re not less of a credible businesswoman if you don’t work full-time hours.

If you know that your consulting business isn’t at that place of allowing you to work less and earn more, and this is something you’re ready to change, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch via my website, or send me a message on LinkedIn

Let me know, are you looking at ways to create more flexibility in your working life?

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