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How Intentional Is Your Consulting Brand?

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You’ve got a brand – whether you intended to or not.

I remember five or six years ago when I was new in my business, hearing the guidance that a brand is ‘not just a logo’. At the time I didn’t really get this. But now I can see your logo is just your visual representation. It can have an impact, but as a consulting business, it’s not as important as it is for brands like Apple, or Nike who need to be instantly visually recognisable.

As consultants we’re much more recognised by how we speak and write, and especially in what we deliver and the quality of the work that we do.

We’ve got a brand whether we intended to or not.

The things that you say in your elevator pitch, your headline on LinkedIn, your website, what you say during business development conversations, everything that you do is building up that picture of your brand and your story. 

What most people have is an accidental brand story  – a story that’s been told piecemeal over multiple communications. You may have put a lot of thought into those individual pieces of content, but you didn’t have a plan for what you wanted the bigger picture to look like.

And so you’ve had little control over how your clients see your business.

When it comes to growing, developing, getting strategic with your business, the first step is to set the intention, decide what you want it to look like.

With your brand that means deciding if you’re happy to step into the spotlight, and make yourself, and the ways in which you are different, a key element in your brand story.

It means deciding how much of your back story you want to share, and where you want to share it.

And understanding which bits of the story are most important for communicating the key information your prospective clients need to know about you, your experience and your business before they decide to hire you.

It means establishing a communications framework for your consulting business, so that each individual piece of content is considered within the wider context of the messages you have already sent out.

Have you created your consultancy brand by default or by design?

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