You are currently viewing Episode 180: You Asked, Jessica Answers! – Q&A Roundup Episode – Creating Wealth

In this week’s Seven Figure Consultant Podcast episode, I wrap up our mini-series on creating wealth for women B2B consultants and thought leaders. I’m answering listener questions on key topics like business finance organisation, investment strategies, and setting profit targets. I also talk about the mindset shift required to move beyond just saving for a rainy day.

As I prepare to take a short break from the podcast to focus on my upcoming book, this episode stands as a valuable resource for women entrepreneurs seeking to create wealth and make a positive impact with their consulting business.



“I see consultant women making hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue each year, and it is a really unique niche of women entrepreneurs. A stat that I reference often here on the show is that 90% of women entrepreneurs don’t make six figures, and only 2% get to seven figures. So it follows that of all the kinds of women entrepreneurs, if you’re a woman consultant, you need to be thinking about what to do with your money, how to run your business when you have consistent revenue, building up reserves, all these kinds of things that 90% of women entrepreneurs never need to know about.”

“What opportunities are you letting pass you by because you don’t feel like you should invest in your business? Growing your team, bringing in expertise, getting the coaching support that you need as the leader of the business, joining groups and networks that could really help expand your reach and increase sales.”


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