You are currently viewing Episode 159: Reclaim 25 Hours a Week in Your Business with Kris Ward

In this week’s episode of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with team building and systems strategist, Kris Ward.

Kris shared her valuable insights on her ‘Win the Hour, Win the Day’ philosophy, which focuses on achieving a healthy work-life balance and implementing efficient systems for entrepreneurs.

We discussed some common mistakes that entrepreneurs often make, the concept of ambitions versus survival, tips on effective team management and the importance of fostering leadership within your team. We also talked about the benefits of ‘daily scrums’ and how they can greatly enhance productivity. 

Tune in to find out more and discover how you can reclaim your time and boost your team’s productivity and efficiency!


In this episode: 

[00:00:37] The philosophy of Win the Hour Win the Day and how it helps entrepreneurs reclaim their time and create a business that supports their life.

[00:06:35] The power of systems and processes to reclaim time, leverage efficiency, delegate effectively, and create clarity and space in one’s business.

[00:08:06] Being mindful and intentional in our actions instead of rushing through tasks without considering their impact.

[00:09:21] The balance between ambitions and survival mode.

[00:12:40] Allowing team members to evolve and align their goals with the business vision.

[00:15:57] The benefits of having a team that manages you and how it can be a dream come true.

[00:16:42] The importance of leadership in your team.

[00:20:02] Understanding the daily scrum and its benefits.

[00:24:07] Shifting the team’s management to the team itself.

[00:25:02] The significance of having reliable systems and processes in place to improve productivity and eliminate blame.


Key Takeaways:

  • By implementing efficient systems, empowering team members, and redefining traditional hierarchical structures, we can reclaim our time (up to 25 hours a week!), achieve our goals, and create a business that supports our life instead of consuming it.
  • Even if we have ambitious goals, we should still be able to achieve them in a tight and effective manner. Kris suggests following the “win formula” of spending 60% of our time on creative work and 40% on administrative tasks.
  • It’s important to build leadership within the team, regardless of the size of that team. By empowering team members with leadership responsibilities, they become more engaged and motivated to stay with the business long-term.



“Business should be fun or we could have just stayed at that job. So let’s have more fun.” – Kris Ward

“There’s this belief that we can have the big business, we can get to seven figures, but that means we have to give more. And I often do a lot of work with women around dismantling this core belief, ‘I have to work harder in order to make more money.’” – Jessica Fearnley

“I mean, one of the biggest compliments I got throughout my life is, ‘oh, she’s a hard worker’. And I remember saying to my mother one day, ‘oh my gosh, who knew I’d have to learn not to work so hard?’” – Kris Ward

“So [with daily scrums] it’s really about moving projects super fast, efficiently, with no wastage. And it’s not something that gets slipped through the cracks. … People really love the scrum meetings and how we’ve built them out more. They take about 15 minutes. They create leaders, they create projects that get done.” – Kris Ward


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Guest Bio

Kris Ward is creating a movement where your business supports your life instead of consuming it. Kris is the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy.  

After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist.  She was relieved that her business had not only survived her absence but was growing. Now, Kris has completely changed the landscape for entrepreneurs by sharing the successful practices that allowed her absence.  

Kris has shared the stage with Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup For The Soul, Kevin Harrington original Shark from Shark Tank, James Malinchak -ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Sharon Lechter – Rich Dad Poor Dad Co Author and Joe Theismann – NFL All star and commentator to name a few.  Kris has also featured on award winning podcasts, radio and TV shows.

Kris is an acclaimed podcaster. You can hear Kris on her own podcast – Win The Hour Win The Day, where she has engaging conversations with dynamic guests covering a variety of business topics so you can get to your next win now!