You are currently viewing Episode 143: How To Go On A Retreat

This week I am hosting a transformational retreat for my clients and today, I want to share how to make the best of a retreat experience. In this episode, I answer questions like how do you carve out time for yourself amidst a busy retreat schedule? What goals should you set for yourself and your business when attending a retreat? Retreats are an amazing opportunity to spark reflection and transformation on your personal life and business. Listen today to learn more on how to make the most of your retreat experience.

In this episode:

  • [02:00] Carving out space for yourself. 
  • [06:00] Taking time to read a business or personal development book. 
  • [09:00] Tips to remember the trip as a whole experience. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Allowing reflection time for your year personally and from a business standpoint can help you decide what you want to continue and also changes that you’d like to make. 
  • Travel can spark new feelings and inspiration- allow yourself to soak in the entire experience. 


“Decide either at the retreat or as you travel back or when you arrive home, what will be different? What old things no longer fit this version of you?” – Jessica Fearnley

“This is really a time where I think allowing something to be an aligned action, something that feels intuitively right in the moment, can be really powerful.” – Jessica Fearnley


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