You are currently viewing Episode 122: Creating Valleys in a Landscape of Mountains in your Consulting Business

Have you seen that drawing of A Day In The Life As An Entrepreneur before by Derek Halpern? It’s a line with peaks and troughs charting your inner voice as you go from ‘I’m excited!’ to ‘ugh this is hard’, then ‘it’s working’ and back down to ‘I messed up’. And this is how so many of us see life as a consultant. Does it resonate with you?


Growing a consulting business from 6 to 7 figures is one of my favourite things because it’s a transformational journey. So often, the amazing thing is that it’s not just the business that ends up growing. We emerge from the process as higher versions of ourselves. It is so powerful.

But a huge part of this road can feel like fear.

You have to leave what you’ve always known and exchange it for the unknown. It means switching certainty for uncertainty. It can feel like all we do is climb mountains in our business growth plans.

A client contacted me a few weeks ago and said: ‘I feel like my business is constantly mountains and I want some valleys for a change’.

And I was super inspired by this and as the words were flowing out of my mouth in reply, I thought this is a podcast episode! I have to share this! And so this is the topic on the podcast this week.

I talk about:

  • Stopping playing by the rules of feast or famine, highs and lows
  • Why I love growing consulting businesses from 6 to 7 figures
  • Wanting something more but being scared to go and do it
  • How members of The Seven Figures Club are often experiencing similar issues as they grow their businesses with me
  • Two books that helped me step back and feel excited instead of fearful
  • Techniques to reduce overwhelm

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