You are currently viewing Episode 027: Do you know where the value is in your business?

Often when I start working with clients they have a good handle on what tasks they need to do to run their consulting business, and how much money they make month on month.

But what they don’t see is which activities are generating the most value.

So often in business we can form a real attachment to certain marketing activities, or particular programmes or groups, or even an individual client or company.

We can find ourselves putting so much of our time and energy into one area, and in most cases, if someone asked you – ‘why are you investing so much resource into this one corner of your business’ you would almost feel like, isn’t it obvious?? This is the centrepiece of my whole business.


In many, many cases – our instincts can lead us astray here.

In this week’s podcast I explore:

  • What happened when I split my focus across too many activities.
  • Why your feelings aren’t helpful when assessing what’s working, and what you should be using instead.
  • The highest value activity consultants should prioritise when generating new leads.
  • How a single line on a spreadsheet transformed my coaching client’s consulting business.


If you feel like you can’t quite get to grips with why your consulting business isn’t bringing in the money it should, or you can’t seem to extricate yourself from your gruelling work schedule, or you’ve got both problems at the same time – we can make huge progress in just a single strategy session, for an investment of £499 or $629.

We spend 90 minutes looking at your business in detail and use that to create an action plan for how to maximise the value of the work you are doing and minimise the effort you have to put in to get that work done.

It’s working less and earning more in action – and it changes businesses.

Get in touch to discuss if this is a good option for you and your consulting business.