You are currently viewing Episode 021: Leveraging Your Network with Jessica Lorimer

It may seem counterintuitive but selling to corporate clients can be quicker and easier than selling directly to customers or to micro-businesses. 

The busy corporate world prefers a more direct approach that today’s podcast guest, Jessica Lorimer has honed herself, and now teaches to others.

Jess is the UKs most influential sales coach for service-based entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their services to corporates.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The disappointing (but unsurprising) fact her survey of female entrepreneurs revealed
  • The inbox-spammers giving selling a bad image and how to avoid being that pitchy-person
  • How a ‘give give give’ mentality can sabotage your success
  • What to do once you’ve exhausted your initial network of contacts
  • How to ask for help/support from your contacts clearly and effectively
  • The #1 way selling to corporates differs from selling B2C or to micro-businesses
  • Who you should and shouldn’t be seeking feedback from
  • The business-building activity you need to be doing every quarter

And after you’ve finished listening to this insightful, value-packed interview, you can get more from Jess here: