You are currently viewing Episode 017: Booked Up and Burning Out – What To Do Next

Today’s episode is all about that ‘booked up and burned out’ stage of a consulting business that we often find ourselves in when our turnover is in the low 6 figures.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Why striving for a six-figure business is often a mistake.
  • How this tends to be the breaking point for many unscaled consulting based businesses.
  • What you can do about it to comfortably go beyond multiple six figures and still enjoy working in your business.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  • Episode 013 where I share in practical terms how to reduce your working hours. It’s been one of our most-downloaded episodes and I have to say, I’m not all that surprised!
  • The Six Elements of a Seven Figure Business – The 6 areas of unscaled businesses that need to change in order to move past being ‘booked up and burned out’ and shifting into that higher gear that gets you cruising again.