Episode 007: The Truth About Building A Six Figure Business

There can be so much hype online about building a six figure business.

But it’s way more important to set our own definition of success and build the business that WE truly want, instead of following online business trends and fads.

Social Media expert (and fellow Six Figure Business Owner) Marie-Helene di Benedetto joins me for a chat about the real milestones you should create for your business, and why you shouldn’t waste time comparing yourself to other people.

You Will Learn...

  1. Why ‘Six Figures’ can feel like such an important milestone, and why this can be deceptive when you are building a business.
  2. The difference between ‘turnover’ and ‘profit’, and why this matters!
  3. The two metrics that will help you meaningfully assess your business, instead of just aiming for six figures.

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If you’ve enjoyed this episode, we have a special treat for you!

Marie-Helene was my Guest Expert last month in the Business Club for Grown Ups membership programme.

To access her masterclass, ‘How To Find The Perfect Social Media Channel for Your Business’, plus a stack of other must-have content and video goodies, sign up here.

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