Welcome to the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, the show that takes you from booked up and burnt out in your consulting business to THRIVING as the CEO of your 7 figure enterprise.

If you’re a consultant with your own business, looking to scale to a 7 figure turnover without the drama, you will love what we’re going to be covering.

Maybe right now it’s just you in the business, or you may have a small team on the go already.

It’s not impossible that you’re still in your corporate job but you know that you’re planning to step out on your own at some point in the next 6-12 months. Because you have a skillset that corporate firms need.

Maybe you’re in HR, marketing, IT, legal, social media. Whatever field you are in, if you’re someone who has gone into consulting because you’re looking to do something bigger than just rise up the ranks of a corporate firm, and more than that, do it on your own terms. You have come to the right place.

I’ve made the transition from a corporate job, to growing a start-up to a 7-figure turnover, to working as the CEO of my own business.

In this episode I share my backstory (and my own battle with burnout), the reasons I love working with female consultants, and an intro to how I can help you make money from day one (if you haven’t already started) and scale to 7-figures.

In this episode:

● From an apparently thriving corporate career, to 7 months bed rest (I know how scary burnout is, and how to avoid going back there).
● How I coaxed myself back into the workplace and grew a start-up business to a seven-figure turnover, before launching my own coaching business.
● Why the consultancy start-up is different (hint: you can make money from day one).
● Why you’ll never be done with your mindset work.