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I’m thrilled to have Whitney Alexandra as my guest on this Seven Figure Consultant Podcast episode. Whitney and I have been mutually beneficial clients of each other’s enterprises and have benefited from our shared knowledge.

We will examine the Wealth Dynamics experience I provide to my clients. Whitney will share insights on the transformative mindset recordings she employs with her clients. As a result, you will be introduced to inspiring concepts that can propel your business toward greater success. You will love this transformative episode!

In this episode:

  • [00:49]  Whitney has discovered clients’ failures are often directly related to mindset. Whitney and I have utilized each other’s services. We did not swap services; we paid for them.
  • [03:21] What Wealth Dynamics can tell you about yourself, and how it has benefited Whitney and her business.
  • [09:49] How Wealth Dynamics can assist in hiring decisions and give direction to your entire team.
  • [16:11] Our bodies send us signals known as the flow concept and what tasks we should spend our time on and which we should not.
  • [22:19] Women can rewire their brains and consequently alter their behavior by utilizing mindset recordings. How that can be influential in developing self-confidence.
  • [27:49] How the subconscious mind controls your self-confidence.
  • [30:08] Instructions on signing up for Limitless Wealth and Wealth Dynamics. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Your subconscious can rob your self-confidence and the abilities others see in you.
  • Learning your profile will make you more productive and allow you and your team to function better together.
  • Only invest time in tasks within your business that you’re proficient at. Then, you can either eliminate such activities or delegate them to someone else.


“Your subconscious mind makes 95% of the decisions, shaping your daily feelings. Then there is your conscious mind. We’re getting them to play on the same team to say they have one objective.” – Whitney Alexandra

“I love listening to my mindset recordings. Depending on how long I’m walking, I often listen to it four or five times in the morning while walking my dog. I come back feeling like I have exercised and done my mindset work. Now I am ready to face the day.” – Jessica Fearnley

Guest Bio:

Whitney Alexandra is a performance coach for top female founders and C-suite executives ready for limitless success.

She’s spent the last 20 years helping some of the world’s most trusted brands and leaders transform to show up powerfully and ready to receive what they desire. Using a mix of performance coaching, mindset techniques and tailored strategy, she will unlock your next level.

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