Do You Need To Drop Your Anchor?

Do You Need To Drop Your Anchor?

Do you ever have weeks where you seem to have the exact same conversation with different people?

Last week I found myself giving this advice in three separate conversations, and I wanted to take a moment to share it with you here too.

Stop sailing and drop your anchor

Sometimes in business we can be flooded with ideas.

Whether it’s a new programme or package, a new social media platform to gain momentum on, a new angle on our existing services, or even a complete rebrand – there are constant possibilities and opportunities available to us.

This can get overwhelming.

And it can cause problems when what lies at the root of it is a lack of commitment to one core path.

You’ve got an amazing creative brain – if that wasn’t true you wouldn’t have set out to launch your own business.

Part of the fun is being able to use that creativity in a way that just wasn’t possible when you were still in corporate.


For any business to succeed you need to commit to a goal for long enough to properly achieve it.

Here’s where I’ve seen businesses coming apart at the seams because of a lack of commitment:

  • Launching a new group or programme before the flagship offering is properly established
  • Starting to brainstorm a new offer instead of focusing on selling your existing services
  • Creating a low-ticket or free service when your premium packages are sitting untouched and in need of promotion
  • Continual pivoting and rebranding instead of showing up consistently and speaking to ONE audience
  • Treating social media like a collector’s club instead of committing to one channel (because how many badges do you really need on your website anyway??)
  • Constantly needing website updates and new content plans because you’ve changed your audience and messaging
  • Creating a business that is chaotic to run and manage because there are so many moving parts and yet such little clarity for the customer about the path they take to working with you
  • Being TOO comfortable with largescale changes – and leaving your audience with no idea what you actually offer

So – what’s the best remedy for all of these problems?


It’s like a ship that keeps changing course and ends up no further forward.

Drop your anchor. Stick to one path. Commit to one audience. Focus on one offer.

Why is this so important?

It’s one thing to be multi-passionate and even run concurrent businesses at the same time.

But the question I always want to ask is – “and how is that working out for you?”

Because when your main focus is constantly making changes, I can guarantee you will be losing money – on sales that never materialise because people don’t understanding what you do, on changes to your website and materials, and on content that no longer fits because you keep changing track.

Your audience needs you to show up consistently and commit to one thing for long enough that you become known for it.

If you’re struggling to commit to one path in your business right now and you’re broke as a result. Drop your anchor.

Because the key thing that will change when you commit to the right path in your business is that you will start making more money.

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