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Do You Have The Right Systems Set Up In Your Consulting Business?

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There is a whole industry of time management tools and techniques out there. Some of them can be very effective but only if they are being used appropriately.

If you are trying to do more than is humanly possible, it doesn’t matter how good you are at the Pomodoro technique or how expensive your leather-bound planner is, you won’t be able to do it all.

And for high achievers, that is a hard place to be, isn’t it? One of my lifelong battles is that I ALWAYS want to be doing more than is physically possible. That’s part of the deal with being ambitious: it’s good to set your sights high and it’s good to work hard.

But there’s working hard to get results and working hard because you have unintentionally made life complicated for yourself. If you are struggling to bring order to your business, it’s because you don’t have the right systems set up and possibly you haven’t got the right team structures in place either.

As your business grows, your needs change. The way you operate will be different when you start out to when you start building a team, and different again as your business evolves.

The pain of having the wrong systems and wrong team structure is what drives us to get a new plan in place. This becomes an issue when instead of fixing the problem, we busy ourselves with denying it’s happening. You might be experiencing growing pains in your business or feel you are not ready to invest in systems and structures yet.

This is an area where the mindset is crucially important. It is so easy to play the scarcity game when it comes to investing in your business systems and redesigning your team structure. You can convince yourself that you don’t have the money to do this. In reality, the truth is that you often restrict your future earnings by not doing this work.

If you are reading this and thinking that maybe something in your business isn’t working as well as you would like it to, ask yourself why that is. Is it time for you to reconsider the role you play in your business? Have your business needs changed? Have you outgrown a system you had in place? Or is there a role you need someone else to fill?

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