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Do You Feel Earning Money Has To Be Hard?

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My husband and I spent our 20s with one or both of us at university, and it meant when we got married we were completely broke.

He had just started back at university to do a second undergrad degree and money was just so tight. This experience really affected our attitude towards money. It was classic scarcity. 

We both believed money was hard to come by, hard to hold onto, and that bills were things we should dread because we genuinely didn’t know if we would be able to afford to pay them. We never once ran out of money but one of the big challenges I took away from that time was that I had such a disproportionate fear of running out of money.

Does this resonate with you? Maybe you feel like money is scarce, or it has to be hard to earn money. That’s always huge for high achievers like us – we’ve worked hard all through school and university to get our top grades. There has to be pain to get gain, and we bring that expectation with us into business.

It’s fascinating how hard we can make it feel in our businesses, just because we have a need for it to feel hard in order to make money.

This can affect how we offer our services. I wrote recently about prioritising volume over value and the productivity trap of being busy working on low ticket offers instead of focusing on selling something high value with a price tag to match. 

It can also impact how we feel about the work we do in our business. We can feel like we can’t take ourselves off the hook with tasks we don’t enjoy. If we believe that making money has to be hard, we can’t pick and choose the tasks we like. This means you end up doing work you shouldn’t be and become a bottleneck in your business. Your views on money might also hold you back on investing in outsourcing and growing a team when you should. 

What we believe about money is SUCH a powerful factor in how we approach our lives and our businesses. And I think as women this is often something that we struggle with more than a lot of men. There’s an extra layer of narrative in there for women because nowadays we can earn and hold onto our own money on a scale I don’t think we’ve ever really seen before.

The greater the awareness you have of money mindset and how it impacts you, the more equipped and empowered you are to not put up roadblocks in your consulting business.

Let me know, how have your beliefs about money affected your decisions in the past?

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