Consulting Business Hit A Plateau? It’s Down To At Least One Of These.

Consulting Business Hit A Plateau? It’s Down To At Least One Of These.

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Is there an invisible force holding your consulting business back?

You’re stuck in a business rut, and even though you’ve got big plans on paper, it seems impossible to make progress?

You’ve got a strong business proposition and understanding of your target market.

You can see how it will all fall into place.

And what’s more, getting to this point felt relatively easy.

You made the most of your existing network of contacts.

The first few clients were easy to secure.

Your business was growing steadily…. and then it wasn’t.

You’ve hit an income plateau.

For consulting businesses this tends to be around the six-figure mark.

Which is not a great place to hang out. You hit the jackpot in terms of tax thresholds, so your business, pricing, and cash flow gets more complicated.

And at the same time you’re working FLAT OUT either because you have so many client hours in your schedule, or because you’re trying to implement a plan to move your business on to the next phase.

This is the time when most of my coaching clients first come to seek my help.

Their consulting business was growing beautifully and now they’ve hit some invisible barrier. Not so much a brick wall, more of a vat of treacle – because they’re working harder, and harder to get smaller and smaller gains.

We work together to switch that around.

‘Working Less and Earning More’ is the central principle at the heart of my business.

And our first step is to identify the root cause of this invisible barrier.

It is often:

A – They’re fully-booked swapping time for money, and don’t have a scalable business model. A higher income will inevitably lead to burnout unless we change the business model.

B – Their mind is telling them progress isn’t possible. They know what they need to do next, a plan is laid out there in front of them, but something always seems to get in the way.

C – Both of those things – at the same time!

In Episode 022 of the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast I dig deeper into how your business model or your mindset might be putting a lid on your consulting business, and give you some suggestions of how you can move forward and push through the plateau you’re at in your business.

🎧  Head here to listen to Episode 022 – Consulting Business Hit A Plateau?

And I’d love to hear from you – are you seeing good growth in your consulting business or are you all too familiar with the dreaded plateau?

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