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Consultants Shouldn’t Make Business Spending Decisions Without This Simple Framework

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How confident are you about spending money in your consulting business?

What metric do you use to decide if an investment in your business is affordable or not?

Do you spend with ease (and regret at leisure)?

Or maybe you like to keep hold of your money, and resist spending it, even if that means missing out on something that would help you reach your business goals.

Of course, you might already have the balance just right.

But I often speak to women who get this wrong in both directions. The women who are sitting on huge reserves in their business but still feel like they’re running out of money. And women who are spending out almost everything they have coming in.

Spending money in your business shouldn’t be something that you do on a whim, or without reference to your business financials. It’s something you do after following an informed decision-making process that takes into account your cash flow and your business goals.

Staying level-headed about this isn’t always easy. 

When your work means you spend time on social media, it’s possible to get sucked into this online world of courses and programmes. Whatever you want to do in your business there’s a magical online course that will tell you everything you need to know. In pursuit of your dreams, you invest in the course. But then along comes another course, with another promise of a life-changing transformation, and one course becomes another and another and it can get really overwhelming – and really expensive before you’ve realised what’s going on.

That’s why on this episode the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I’m addressing a topic that has come up a few times recently in conversations over LinkedIn messenger, all about how we know what we can afford when it comes to investing in courses and programmes for your business, including:

  • How to know if you should buy a particular course, programme, or other big ticket item
  • How to know if you are investing the right amount in professional and personal development
  • What to do when a course or programme doesn’t bring you results you’d hoped for
  • Four questions to ask yourself now so you’re prepared to make your next spending decision

🎧  Listen to the full episode here – 032 Making Spending Decisions For Your Consulting Business

And tell me – How did you know your last big course or programme investment was right for you?

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