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Are You Letting Doubt Set The Course In Your Consulting Business?

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Do you find yourself doing more and more of the leg work in your client projects?

The email requests come thick and fast, and you’ve noticed that the more helpful you try to be, the more demanding your clients can become. Scope creep is a regular occurrence, but you feel like you have to accommodate what your client is looking for otherwise they’ll go elsewhere next time.

So many women are really shocked at the emotional toll of starting a business. Even if you used to dream of being your own boss when you had a line manager in your corporate career, the responsibility that you take on can be overwhelming.

There are so many decisions to make all the time and often, you just don’t know what to do. While you are the expert in your field, you have never run a business before.

Even when you know the outcome you want from a situation, it is hard not to second guess yourself. That can be a big thing for high achievers, particularly if you have natural talents and have never had to learn how to fail. Suddenly you’re in a situation you want to be instantly successful in, but you don’t know how to go about it.

As women, we often struggle to see ourselves as we truly are. We can spend a lot of time doubting our abilities, even when everyone who knows us professionally would give us a glowing testimony. Often we never quite feel good enough, and internally we’re always comparing ourselves to others and listing out all the ways that we haven’t met our own standards.

That critical inner voice starts talking to you and you think, ‘who am I to walk into that company office and claim to be an expert?’

●     You feel like you don’t know what you’re doing running your consulting business.

●     You don’t feel qualified to claim expert status.

●     You don’t feel like you deserve to be in the room with the companies you’re approaching.

●     And you doubt that you’re really any better than the average person in the street.

If you feel that way, then of course you are going to go about your pricing and packages as if you need companies to do you a favour by hiring you.

But when you think about it, everything I have just described is based on feeling, not fact.

If you let fear, doubt and a sense of inferiority set the course in your business, you will consistently feel frustrated and unfulfilled by the work you do and the money you bring in.

Let me know, how have you found the emotional toll of starting your business?

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